Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Topic for the day-1

My topic for writing today is snails. Pretty weird I know.. But I like snails. Not inside my home though. I don't know which book it was but there was a vivid description about the way snails leave a silver trail in the sunlight. I think it was an Enid Blyton book.

I like snails because some of them are very beautiful. They have their own pace in life.. Not really bothered about the fast world around them. Looking at snails takes me to a fairy world. Somewhere I do not have so many responsibilities and where everything is peachy. All of us want to live in a problem free world if given an option.:)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memoires Post FS

This post is only meant as a token of my gratitude to a lot of people. It may seem Greek and Latin to anyone not mentioned below. :) Our inter unit fashion show happened last tuesday. Ya it is been a week but memories are still fresh. The best part was we designed and created all the dresses.. Can you believe it software engineers doing all the work. I am proud of everyone in the team. I will try to enlist everyone here in random order. Sorry if I miss out anyone

@Captain.. Seriously we could not have done so much without your help:) You were an inspiration. You were always the adult around.

@T chettan.. You rocked as the tree. Very nice attitude. :)

@Ms. J.. I was shocked at the amount of detailing you had done to your dress. On the actual day you were looking grand. Simply magnificent.

@Mr. A.. Eventhough you came in at the last moment you were an integral part of the show:)

@Ms. S.. Hey you really put in a lot of effort. It was fun having you around. Remember the time when you, Ms. L and me were painting the fire. We had a fun time just us gals:) We talked about a lot of things that day, right?

@Ms. D.. You looked beautiful in that fully green dress. Only you could carry it off. I still remember the day we tried a demo run of the dress. You were crying about how hard it was to put on. But finally you looked fantastic. The crowd loved you:)

For the second round we had:
@Mr. H or rather Mr. S like i would prefer calling him coz of the costume. You did wonderfully well with all the props. actually the final dress was a total hit.. To the point:D as I would say:)

@Mr. C as I call him for obvious reasons. :) Only you had the nerve to pull it off. I dont think anyone else could have done that:)

@Mr. R what a pose. I am glad hospital people did not see you else they would have taken you and put you on medication.

@ Chinnu Minnu.. I know you will kill me for calling you this but it was the captain's idea to call you that in the first place. So beat him up first:D You stole the show. Really. The formation was perfect. Hope you guys heard the applause during your formation.

Round 3:

@ R.. My god you had a gr8 look. Perfect for what you potrayed. I was scared:P

@ H aka KK .. Only you would have the composure even when things go wrong. And now I can understand why FS is something you love doing:)

@L .. You rock girl.. As captain said your walk was super:) I was am amazed at how you carried it off, especially for your first time ramp walk:)

@M.. I am proud of you. You did justice to your costume.. The hardwork you put in finally payed off.. and you look good with your hair loose:)

Behind the scenes:
@Mr. A or Mr. C N as you are known. Thanks a lot.. I guess I cannot put in words the gratitude that all of us feel:)

@Ms. V and Ms. J.. Your dedication knows no parallel. Hats off to you.:)

@Ms. V.. You did pretty good as the MC. You have a wonderful clarity about your voice:)

@Mr. A.. Wonderful ppt.. It was par excellence:)

@ Mr. R the car enthusiast. I remember the painting that we did on the already existing painting. The lines you drew were perfect. I could not do anything even close to it:)

@ Mr. A.. You were a big help. You used to stay up with all of us for all the small helps that you could render:)

I almost forgot Mr. V or Mr. B as he is popularly known.. You made us laugh like crazy:D First day of designing was jus the 3 of us. Remember what all we tried to do for the costume which ultimately came to me?:D

Ultimately after the FS I have made a lot of friends for life. Thank you everyone. And more than the prize what matters is if we had fun. And I can say with certainity that we enjoyed to the max. I am actually thankful to the company for such an occasion.. This is what makes life memorable at office. :)

Sindy signing off:)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

The best friendship day ever..[:)]

Its August 1st 2010.. As always life stays busy for yours truly.. Morning had some urgent things to attend then at noon had guests.. But the best part came after 3:50pm.. My friends from school and I had planned to meet up at the beach.. Last two weekends were hectic. Did not even have time to enjoy a moment. My friend Ms.A is going to Chicago on aug 11th. So it was like the last time in a loong time that all of us were going to be together.. As always there was a laughter spree.. Chats,gossips and of course the main course of talk nowadays ie about marriage plans for each of us.. For around 3 hours I was taken back to the school days.. Studied in the same class in the same bench in 9th and 10th and now in entirely different fields.. Life has so many pleasant twists.. I loved the day.. I love being with my friends.. Thanks all 4 of you and all of you who know I consider you close to my heart..

Sindy signing off[:D]

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Life now- as a working professional

Been around a year since I last blogged. I am a working now. Never ever imagined to be in the IT industry. But I am now. Day starts at 6 am and ends at god-alone-knows what time. My parents have given me additional freedom since I am working. Plus getting a paycheck every month isnt a bad prospect either. Work is not always fun and play its a bit hectic at times but my friends make my day even if I am down in the dumps. Life has changed a lot from my last post time. I think I have matured a bit more. [Not sure how many who know me will agree:D] Something that was not there a year back is pressure to get married.[:D] That aside I miss my college friends and also one of my best friends got married on june 20th. Wishing her and her hubby a very happy married life through this post[:)]

We had a project party yesterday. It was nice. My first project party. I actually thought I would be bored as most of my friends are in other projects. Only two good friends of mine are in related projects. We started from office by around 6:15 and went to turtle on the beach near kovalam. It seems to be a beautiful place to be in but since it was already dusk I could not see much. We went in a bus and there was dancing. Oh ya we danced even to songs which we dint understand.[:D] Then once we reached turtle on the beach we were given a grand treat of vada and coffee[:P] There were a lot of wedding bells announcements followed by a song section. 4 of us girls(or should i say ladies) sang and due to popular demand we were not given a chance to sing a second song[:D] Even our PM sang. He actually did a pretty good job of it. Then we were asked to go to the restaurant downstairs to have the main course. This was a wonderful news for us as we thought the project party was about to end with the vada and coffee..[:P]But due to photo emergencies 7 of us girls and one guy got lost. True to saint gobain glass's ad, the guy tried to walk through a glass pane. Thank god nothing major happened, other than a bump on his head. I did not know whether to feel sorry for him or laugh. His reaction was priceless. That kinda proved my theory that people can actually be blind enough to try to walk through glass like in the ad.[:D] Oh ya and glass did not break. Food was pretty good. Got chocolate soufle,vanilla ice cream etc as dessert. Even the ambience was good. At around 9 we all dispersed. I actually was under the impression that I would be bored but somehow everything worked out well. Thanks to my new friends at office.[:)]Time to say good bye. I need to get some rest now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The final day

Though alarm tried its level best to wake me up since 5.30am.. It never could and I finally woke up at 6.30am..Got up thinking of the dream I had and praying to God that no untoward incidents happen all day and my microwave lab should go well.. .. After all its the official final day of college..

Feeling a little unsure of how I am going to do today.. I went and asked my mom if I'l do well today.. Its kind of like a reassurance for me when she says,"Yes, you'l do well." Well seems like I was not going to get that assurance today.. Mom started grumbling about how I am gona do well if I dont study.. Felt really depressed and I ran off to my room.. Well depression can only be compensated by one thing for me.. My "vaashi" as it is called in malayalam.. Somehow when mom said I wont do well.. The only thing I wanted was exactly the opposite.. Half way through my studies I came down to check something.. And poor mom was feeling bad she said that way and was trying her level best to make it upto me.. That is my mom!!

After my final preps I had my breakfast and got ready to go to college.. I had everything neatly set for the day.. I almost always do..[People who have been in my room during IV might this] I like everything organised except my room.. Somehow I could never keep it organised which I still feel is one of the worst habits of mine.. My dress was pressed and kept.. and of course since its the final day.. How can I not end with a red dress..[People who know me might be chuckling if they read this.] After packing everything neatly, the record hall ticket etc that I had to take into the lab was in a cover and my books and stuff to read were in my bag I started my car.. Hoping its the final journey to college for examination.. Unless the university thinks otherwise.. Prayed again to God that the day should go well..

On reaching college, I found that the parking lot was more or less empty even though it was 9.15am.. My slot for exam was form 11-1.. Taking a deep breath.. I walked towards the front of IT lab.. Many of my IT friends were sitting there and studying.. Exchanges of all the best and best of lucks, I walk down the steps to the front of the lab.. Cant seem to find my classmates.. But saw one of my best friends Ms.A[she is in IT and not in my class] sitting and studying for her course viva in front of ec lab.. When I was talking to her I noticed my classmates, the first batchers for microwave lab studying something.. It was elementary to think all the other classmates of mine would be there.. Waiting two minutes there trying to decide what to study, I saw my best friend Ms.R studying and Ms. V was just walking in.. Tried studying something sitting there.. But no luck.. I am easily distracted by my friends and their antics.. After the usual exchange of teases between me and Ms.V, we both went to the front of the lab.. By the time all my close friends had reached.. Discussion started about the farewell today.. We all just somehow wanted to get into the laboratory and finish off.. Somehow we all had reached the conclusion that the first chance the teachers ask us to get in we will..

Finally Remya teacher did ask us to get ready.. Within a few minutes we got in.. It was according to roll number.. I was the 5th to go in, in my batch.. I was asked to find out if the fibre was multimode or single mode.. Had a small idea of what the answer is and got the output in around 10 minutes then tied my paper and was sitting ready for my viva.. Somehow even that went off without too many problems.. And got out at around 11.30..
The relief I had when the exam got over was beyond words.. Plans for the evening was set and I started back for home after an hour.. As always my car was full.. Somehow I love it when everyone comes with me.. Its a nice feeling when everyone is together.. Today it wasn't the usual set of people.. It was Ms. A1,Ms.A2, Ms. M, Ms.S. Till PMG everyone talked and the adieus was till party time.. [:D] My final journey back to home from an examination..

Reached home and called dad.. By this time the feeling had sunk in that my examinations are over.. I started my dancing around.. Made my mom also dance with me.. [:D] Soon enough lunch was ready and mom and me sat down to eat.. I switched on the TV to watch animax.. Maria watches over us-Printemps was going on.. Even in that some of the 3rd year students were leaving their school Lilian.. Something that was said in that anime struck a chord and I decided to blog, "These three years were the best years in my life". Looking back

These four years were the best years in my life!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An outsider or insider??

She was an outsider.. She had no natural reasons to be with them.. But they accepted her to be one of them.. Why they accepted her is something she does not understand even to this day..
When things were going all wrong for her.. When she did not know whom to trust.. She met people who she would have never expected to be her best friends in the coming years.. What made this bond is still one of the mysteries of life which can be attributed to be what some people say destiny and some others say luck.. She still thinks she is lucky to have had everything turn in her favour.. Initially it was just a hi-hello friendship.. Slowly it grew.. n grew.. n grew.. She had a sort of freedom with them which she never had with many other people.. They accepted her for what she is.. In spite of her relentless talking.. People gave it a love-angle.. She gave it an angle of friendship.. The sort of friendship that let her be herself..
Begining was confusing.. She doubted her stand.. She doubted if they were putting up with her or genuinely enjoyed her company.. Why did she feel that way?? She does not know even today.. Now her attitude can be put in these words "you have to put up with me".. The change in attitude can be attributed to the faith in the friendship.. The sort of faith that says she is never going to lose these friends of her's..
Friendship is beyond romantic inclinations.. For her it's her driving force.. This bond is what makes her smile when she thinks about these people and everyone else in this big circle of friends[:)] Thank you life!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To someone special

This is dedicated to a very special person in my life.. Don't misinterpret.. Its not a romantic poem..

The way your innocent eyes
glow with a naughty light

The way you run around
enjoying every moment

Reminds me of a small girl
that I know is hidden inside you

When I see you smile ,
I pray to god it never fades

When I see you sad or perplexed,
I wish I could make everything alright within seconds

When you don't come to class
I miss having my little monkey around

Even if it means letting you tease me,
I would do it to see that lovely smile on your face

I love sharing my secrets with you,
Coz you keep them as secrets

I have trusted you
and I know trust doesn't come easy

I have opened up in front of you,
Coz you have made me feel special

You have touched my life in ways that ,
I could only have hoped for in days before i met you

Sometimes you are my older sis,
but mostly my younger

Sometimes you are naughtier,
but then we make a great pair there

Sometimes I wish we would never fight,
But mostly I love how we patch up after fights

You act as if you are tough,
But I know how you are..

You can make me laugh or cry,
But both never fail to remind me how special you are to me

You love others unconditionally
But then you are loved so much too

Coz you are a gorgeous gal,
you have a long queue following you

But its nice that you never fail
to be there for me even when others haven't

My sis... my best friend ...
You are one of the special people in my life